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'' you weren' t perfect but you made life worth it.
stick around, some real feelings might surface.
been a long time since I spoke to you in a bathroom gripping you up, f**kin' and choking you.
what the hell was I supposed to do.
I know you ain' t getting this type of dick from that local dude and if you are I hope you are have a good time,
cause I definitely be having mine. ''

I ’m so gifted at findin’ what I don’ t like the most.


'' bare foot on broken glass, each step reminds me of the past
these scars I hide, they fade away, disappear with time.
this time I’ m ready for it all,
I wanna let it pour. my heart is open wide.
I feel it on my skin, I wanna drink you in, can’t you see it in my eyes ?
it ’s in the air, you’ re everywhere.
don’ t let it slip away, can’t wait another day.
let it, let it, let it, let it rain. ''


don' t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.
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'' second chances they don' t ever matter, people never change.
once a whore you're nothing more, I 'm sorry, that' ll never change. ''


'' I shoot the lights out, hide til its bright out
whoa, just another lonely night.
are you willing to sacrifice your life ? ''

'' the best living or dead hands down, huh ?
less talk more head right now, huh ? ''
kanye west, hoe.

'' watch me while I stand here.
watch my feet, my stance, my body language.
I’m not someone to be messed with. ''

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'' go hard, make sure you do whatever is that you gotta do, that's your job and niggas gon' hate but that's no prob'
so hey fuck 'em don' t need nothing from 'em.
some niggas talking but the shit they claiming don' t mean nothing.
it 's straight from Cali, that 's what 's in my joint that 's what I'm puffin'.''
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be yourself, not cheap, cold kind of bitch.
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'' marzę o cofnięciu czasu. chciałabym wrócić na pewne rozstaje dróg w swoim życiu, jeszcze raz przeczytać uważnie napisy na drogowskazach i pójść w innym kierunku. ''
don't u get that ?


'' keep it real with my niggas. keep it player for these hoes.
and look clean don’ t it ?
washed it the other day, watch how you lean on it. ''


" keep making me laugh, let's go get high,
the road is long, we carry on
try to have fun in the meantime. "
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